Making the Chistmas Story Your Story

Jeffrey Watson


Description:The Christmas story is the greates stroy ever. It speaks to the greatest love, making the greatest difference in the lives of the greates number of people

Wise Men Still Worship Him

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Who is sitting on your throne? Learning from Herod, the teachers of the law, and the Magi.

The Incarnation

Jeffrey Watson


Description:The power, the mystery, and the purpose of the incarnation. God in the flesh.

Jesus Our Champion

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Expectations change the way we live. Because of the life and ministry of our Champion, Jesus Christ, we can live in great expectation.

Grateful Hearts

Justine Perry, Erik and Ashly Flores, Mikala Hooper


Description:Listen as members of the Ardent Faith family; Justine Perry, Erik and Ashley Flores, and Mikala Hooper share powerful testimonies centered on the theme of gratefulness.


Jeffrey Watson


Description:Your birthright as a believer is peace.It's one thing to own something but it's quite another to possess it. Thanksgiving moves us from ownership to possession.John 14:27Psalm 100:4

The Power of Generosity

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Psalm 112 gives us great insight on how to respond in faith rather than fear, even in the presence of bad news.

Measureless Revelation of Love

Jason Clark


Description:We exist to become sure of His love. A relationship where the son is desperate for the father is dysfunctional. Our relationship with the Father need not be determine by our needs but by His love.Matthew 6:9-14

Lessons Learned in the Desert

Jeffrey Watson


Description:The keys to surviving, even thriving and growing in the desert season. There was an issue with the recording of this sermon, so Pastor Jeff's notes have been uploaded instead.

Engaging the World Around You

Christine Elliot


Description:Engaging the World Around YouGod has chosen you to be a part of His redemption. Don't dismiss your part in the Kingdom of Heaven. Know that you chosen and set apart to be a witness of the One True God to everyone.Nehemiah 9:19-23Ezra 3:4Isaiah 55

Hell - 5 Things Satan Doesn't Want You to Know

Jeffrey Watson


Description:HELL- 5 Things Satan Doesn't Want You to KnowWe may be a little surprised about who makes it in and who doesn't. But Jesus' teaching on hell does make one thing clear; hell is real and there is no crossing over once we've reached our destination.

Faith Builders

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Harvest eyes seed harvest hearts which seeds harvest handsJohn 4:35-37Matthew 9:35-38

Praying to Engage

Jeffrey Watson


Description:If you immerse your speech in grace then you will immerse the world around in grace. The right words will never desert you!

Freely Receiving; Freely Giving

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Allowing God's grace to lift us over barriers to freely give what we have received.

Obedience: God's Love Language

Jeffrey Watson


Description:For God, love and obedience are two sides of the same coin.Grace teaches us to say no to ungodliness and make us eager to "I love you, God" through walking in obedience.

Those Who are Forgiven Much Worship Much

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Finding the confidence and freedom to worship Jesus

Growth Revoution

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Circuit Training for Spiritual GrowthMoving from strained peas to T-Bone steaks.

Become Sure in God's Love

Jason Clark


Description:Pastor, author, and musician Jason Clark shares about existing to become sure of God's love. Being sure of the Fathers love releases us to operate with power and authority.

Tame Your Tongue

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Taming the Tongue

Giant Killers 3

Jeffrey Watson


Description:STOP!There are some victories and some breakthroughs that come only when we stop. Stop worrying and running and start worshipping.

Giant Killers 2

Jeffrey Watson


Description:All giant killers know that with God all things are possible. How do we posture ourselves to experience the "all things are possible" kind of life? 1 Samuel 17 holds many keys for us to study and learn from.

Calm and Kill Your Giants

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Giant killers learn to look at tought circumstances through the lens of God's promises.

Sovereignty of God

Jeffrey Watson


Description:SOVEREIGNTY OF GODJesus didn't reveal everything about the sovereignty of God but He did reveal that God is sovereign. God is great not only because nothing is too big for Him but also because nothing is too small for Him.

Jealousy of God

Jeffrey Watson


Description:THE JEALOUSY OF GODExodus 34:14 Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.The jealousy of God is His intense passion for us and for the purposes, plans and blessings He created us for from the beginning of time. He isn't satisfied that only some of His creation would love him back. Pastor Jeff shares some insights on how to satisfy God's jealousy rather than provoke it.

Mercy of God

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Mercy of GodEmbracing God's mercy and letting it transform us sets a new pattern for our lives.

How Big is Your God?

Jeffrey Watson


Description:How Big Is Your God?Sometimes our biggest problem is not our problem. Our low view of God can be our biggest problem. The scriptures tell us that He is more powerful and able than even our best thought on our best day!

Mystery of God

Jeffrey Watson


Description:MYSTERY OF GODWhatever we can understand about the mystery of God doesn't require more knowledge, it requires more relationship.

The god's We Serve

Jeffrey Watson


Description:The Perils of IdolatryWhat we worship, we put in front of us, what we give ourselves to is what we become like.

Living the Resurrection Life

Jeffrey Watson


Description:The ability to live the resurrection life comes from a greater vision, a greater freedom, the knowledge that we are chosen, holy, and dearly loved by God, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Easter Sunday

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Like the disciples, sometimes our hopes fade as things don't go according to script.The empty tomb proves that Jesus was who he said he was, and that he will do what he says he will do.

The Hidden Power of Serving

Jeffrey Watson


Description:THE HIDDEN POWER OF SERVINGJesus elevated and empowered others by serving others, and he told his disciples to follow his example. Why serving is more powerful than lording over people when it comes to changing the world.

Accidental Pharisee

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Pastor Jeff gives insight on how to read scripture to reveal the "Accidental Pharisee" that may be kicking around within us. A look at the Parable of the Tenants to equip us to combat spiritual pride.

To Boldly Go!

Eric Coles


Description:Jesus: The Final FrontierTo Boldly Go and Make Him KnownPastor Eric shares his last message with the Ardent family before returning home to England.

The Prodigal Father

Jeffrey Watson


Description:The Prodigal FatherThe story of the extravagant, lavish, bounteous, and unchanging love of the Father.How the picture Jesus paints of God for us radically changes our story.

Storage Wars

Rachel Parsons


Description:Storage WarsRachel Parsons; the director of Cherish Uganda shares a message about the importance of our identity as inheritors in the kingdom and how it influences our understanding of God's provision and abundance.

The Cost of Following Jesus

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Many will say I will follow Jesus, yet when it cost them wealth, comfort, or prestige, the crowd seems to thin out a little.Yet for those that will follow- they get to engage in the most exciting adventures on earth! Bringing dead things around them to life!

The Journey Begins

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Entering the six week journey to Jerusalem with JesusThe invitation to encounter Jesus personally by faith through spending time in the Gospel of Luke

Weeping and Rejoicing with God

Jeffrey Watson


Description:The importance of aligning our hearts with God's heart.Weeping when he weeps. Rejoicing at the things He rejoices over.A look at Luke 15 shows us that God rejoices over things once lost that are found, and He invites us to join him in that rejoicing.

Hurt By Others, Sent by God

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Encouraging message on how God rights the wrongs done to us in incredible ways to send us to rescue and liberate others. Our mindset to what happens to us keeps us on the sidelines as victims, or propels us into our God-mission.

Vision Sunday Part 2

Jeffrey Watson


Description:"Living lives that connect people to Jesus and authentic community."Pastor Jeff explains how this mission statement lays the foundation for everything that Ardent Faith seeks to do in 2013. Listen in as he breaks down the vision and the path going forward.

Vision Sunday Part 1

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Pastor Jeff begins sharing the vision for Ardent Faith Church for 2013 by exploring some of the history and core values that have made Ardent Faith into what is today.

Resolution Revolution

Jeffrey Watson


Description:We grow faster and stronger with plans and goals because we are more apt to seek God with them.Proverbs 4:5-6


Jeffrey Watson


Description:Christmas Comes This Time Each YearIn the midst of powerful storms like Sandy, horrific evils like the shootings at Sandy Hook, and financial uncertainties that shake our nations, the Good News of the Christmas event is especially powerful to speak to us today. Making room for Jesus is to make room for peace in our lives, and gives hope to all.

Dedicated and Delighted

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Nehemiah's journaling provides us with a blueprint for worship.As God's people have experienced God's extravagant love, they respond with a worship that is extravagant. They stand on the "impossible" thing that God had done in their lives, the thing that their enemies told them couldn't be done and give God thanks. They make such a joyful sound that the world around them pays attention!

3G Prayer

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Responding to God's greatness, goodness, and grace through prayer.Don't know what to pray? Let God's words guide you.

Open the Book

Jeffrey Watson


Description:God's words are unique. They are like a scalpel that can remove infected areas of our life and heal us.We need to respond to God's word intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Diverted or Dedicated

Jeffrey Watson


Description:Diverted or DedicatedThe way we respond to diversions will either further dedicate us to God's plans and purposed for our lives, or they will distract and dilute.If good things done with an incorrect priority will stall out our spiritual lives.


Jeffrey Watson


Description:4 Principles that shape the dedication of the building that is the new home of Ardent Faith Church and the call to go "All in" for Christ.

Impresssed by Power

Marty Hooper


Description:Marty Hooper visits and shares a message of encouragment for Ardent Faith about lives that display power that only the Holy Spirit can offer.


Richard Conte


Description:Pastor and church planter Rich Conte visited us all the way from the Philippines. Listen as Rich shares a very timely message for the body at Ardent Faith on the topic of change.Even though me may not like change, growth demands change. This applies to all facets of life. Learn how to latch onto seasons of change and know that Gods plans are always bigger than what we can conceive.